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Sample Pull Policy

AMIRI provides samples for use in photoshoots or special events for promotional purposes.

Pulls are subject to approval by the AMIRI Communications team.

AMIRI samples available for pulls are limited to sample sizing and current availability. Garments pulled from inventory are subject to a separate policy and conditions.


  • Samples are for the sole purpose of the publication and talent as requested and agreed upon. Samples are not to be worn or used on or for other talents and publications without written consent.
  • It is the signor’s responsibility to inform AMIRI of all samples used for the project within 48 hours of the project completion.
  • AMIRI will receive full credit in print, online, on television or social media (@amiri on Instagram).
  • Two (2) copies of the publication in which the item will be used will be sent AMIRI.
  • AMIRI reserves the rights to use or reproduce the images for its own promotional purposes.
  • The signor agrees to take full responsibility and care of the listed items whilst in their possession.
  • AMIRI holds right to any changes of “Sample Pull Policy”. All samples loaned are AMIRI’s property and must be returned at any time requested.


  • All pulls must be approved in writing prior to visiting AMIRI premises.
  • A minimum notice of 3 business days is required for editorial requests and 1 week for performances.
  • All requests must include the following details:
    • A valid contact name, email and phone number
    • A letter of responsibility (LOR) must be provided with each press request (editorial, print or digital)
  • Prior to collection, AMIRI will issue a Delivery Memo outlining all the pieces in the pull with their associated values
  • Stylists and/or assistants collecting samples from AMIRI must follow the pick-up procedure herein:
    • A contact name and phone number of the individual collection must be provided to AMIRI, e.g: John (123-123-4567) will be collecting the items on behalf of [Stylist]
    • Upon arrival at AMIRI (1330 Channing Street, Los Angeles CA, 90021) visitors must ring the front doorbell.
    • If the door remains unanswered after 5 minutes, the visitor should call the office reception (310-751-2444) to be met at the facility entry.
    • Visitors will only be granted access with a valid contact name at AMIRI.
    • Upon entry in the facility it is strictly prohibited to take any photography.
    • The visitor will be required to wait in the reception area to be handed the pre-selected and confirmed samples.
  • The item/s must be returned in the same condition in which they were received by the agreed return date. This includes labels and tags in original condition and dry-cleaning when necessary.
  • Any lost or damaged items will be invoiced accordingly at full retail price as stated in the Delivery Memo.
  • Samples must be returned on the agreed upon date, unless given an extension by AMIRI management. Note, prior approval in writing is required.
  • If samples are missing from a return, stylists will be given a full item count of missing items and agrees to return samples within 48 hours.
  • By assuming responsibility of the items at pick-up, AMIRI reserves the right to invoice full value for any items not received back by the agreed-upon return date or within 48 hours after being notified of the sample’s absence.