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At AMIRI, we stand against injustice and systemic racism and have made contributions to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, BLMLA, and Black Visions Collective. These contributions will now become a dedicated part of our budgets.

We understand this action and ongoing initiative is not enough. The fact remains that until justice is actualized through ongoing vigilance and commitment none of this will ever be enough.

Black lives not only matter but are directly responsible for the cultural, intellectual, and artistic renaissance that our industry continues to benefit from today.

We have initiated internal dialogue to utilize our infrastructure, expertise, and resources to support the black community including an open invitation for insight and outreach via

We are committed to listen, learn, take action, and join in supporting organizations that are leading the fight for real change.


Follow the below links for additional resources and information on how to get involved:

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund: 

Black Lives Matter LA

Black Visions Collective





At AMIRI, we are dedicated to supporting our community through contributions to nonprofit organizations that uphold our values. 


COVID-19 Pandemic - 100% of proceeds from Thank You Crewneck donated to Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization working to improve the health and lives of people impacted by poverty and emergency situations, by mobilizing and providing essential medical resources needed for their care.

Holiday Donation - 10% of sales donated to Children's Hospital Los Angeles to provide pediatric health care to the most vulnerable members of the community during the holiday season.


Earth Day - 10% of sales donated to TreePeople, a ground-up movement focused on social and environmental justice that unites communities to increase tree canopy in our urban forest and restore and protect our local mountains.